guttering in Swinton

For over 15 years Assured roofing has specialised in guttering for a wide range of customers in Swinton. Our skilled craftsmen have the training and experience to ensure we complete your guttering to the highest standard.

All our work is fully guaranteed and our main objective is to fulfill our customers' requirements when completing your guttering to the best of our ability. We pride ourselves on: quality of work; reliability; courteousness; and most of all, value for money.

We have many customers in Swinton and the surrounding area and we regulary complete guttering jobs in Swinton.

Gutter Maintenance

Defective gutters can be the source of many sorts of damp problems in a building, therefore maintaining your gutters is an important aspect of maintaining your home.

The guttering and associated pipe work are there to carry rainwater away from a building, if they are blocked or broken, water can run down the outside wall or (other areas), which as well as looking unsightly will eventually damage the area that is getting wet. Parts of your property can get damp, have mould and rot. Problems are only really noticeable when it rains, so you should always notice anything odd and take action before problems set in.

Autumn is the best time of year to maintain your gutters as all the leaves have fallen and the weather is still mild enough before the winter sets in to resolve any issues that have arisen.

Typical maintenance tasks include:-

  • Removal of Gutter blockages
  • Clearing downpipes
  • Correcting sagging guttering
  • Repairing or replacing Corrosion and cracks on metal guttering
  • Cracks in plastic and cement guttering
  • Repairing Leaking joints
  • Replacing sections
  • Painting guttering (not suitable for all guttering)

Other services include:

stone slate roofs - roof trusses - flat to pitch roof conversions - fascias - guttering - plastic verges - slating tiling - re roofs - velux windows - lead work - flat roofing - roofing joinery - pointing - soffits - felt roofing - GRP fibre glass roofing