GRP fibre glass roofing in Sale

For over 15 years Assured roofing has specialised in GRP fibre glass roofing for a wide range of customers in Sale. Our skilled craftsmen have the training and experience to ensure we complete your GRP fibre glass roofing to the highest standard.

All our work is fully guaranteed and our main objective is to fulfill our customers' requirements when completing your GRP fibre glass roofing to the best of our ability. We pride ourselves on: quality of work; reliability; courteousness; and most of all, value for money.

We have many customers in Sale and the surrounding area and we regulary complete GRP fibre glass roofing jobs in Sale.

What is GRP Fibre Glass Roofing?

GRP Stands for Glass fibre Reinforced Plastics, and is usually referred to as Fibreglass or Composite Plastic. GRP is incredibly versatile, with a vast range of properties. Whilst it is plastic it has few of the disadvantages of conventional thermoplastics in everyday use making it an ideal roofing material.

A properly laid fibreglass roof should last for at least 30 years before it starts to noticeable deteriorate. As a result GRP fibre glass roofs are an ideal solution in many roofing requirements.

It will not melt, but will burn in the same way wood will, but can be easily made fire retardant. It is seven times the stronger than steel, yet very light weight and can absorb a tremendous amount of energy making it a common for racing cars, boats, baths and aeroplanes. Most importantly GRP can be moulded using a former or tool and in its simplest for know as hand-lay.

This flat roofing system is a new generation and the answer to traditional leaking felt roofs. Since it is seamless, it eliminates all the problems and short life span of felt or bitumen materials. GRP fibre glass roofing is attractive, cost effective, durable, long lasting, and maintenance free.

As a result fibre glass roofing offers long term peace of mind and genuine value for money.

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