velux windows in Chadderton

For over 15 years Assured roofing has specialised in velux windows for a wide range of customers in Chadderton. Our skilled craftsmen have the training and experience to ensure we complete your velux windows to the highest standard.

All our work is fully guaranteed and our main objective is to fulfill our customers' requirements when completing your velux windows to the best of our ability. We pride ourselves on: quality of work; reliability; courteousness; and most of all, value for money.

We have many customers in Chadderton and the surrounding area and we regulary complete velux windows jobs in Chadderton.

What are the benefits of Velux windows?

Whether you are considering a loft conversion, extension or a sun room a Velux window can add the all important natural light to make the room spacious light and an enhancement to your home.

Natural light or daylight is important to enhance the quality of our lives and indoor environments. The many shades and variations produced by natural light help turn a house into a real home. Couple that with fresh air, and Velux windows bring quality of life, and help create healthy places to live and work. Velux windows have been available for over 60 years, which means that Velux windows are high in quality and durability.

Velux windows are designed to keep heat loss to a minimum, to maximise warmth from the sun and to let in natural daylight and fresh air. As a result Velux windows can help reduce fuel bills and therefore carbon dioxide emissions.

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Are your windows cloudy or have mist between the panes?

Over time all windows will deteriorate and maintenance is required to keep them in good condition and make them last longer. If the main glazing unit has deteriorated, it should be replaced. New, low-energy pane have much more insulation and will not only solve this problem but also help with your energy costs.

If your glazing unit has deteriorated there will be increased heat loss through the pane, either due to poorer insulation or in some cases down draughts from the pane.

If the pane seems dim or you can see obvious signs of humidity between the layers of glass the glazing unit might have deteriorated. Turn the sash around to the cleaning position and if water drops run between the layers of the glass then this is a dead give away that humid air has penetrated the space between the panes.

Velux provide a maintenance kit to help service your window so it lasts longer, before more expensive replacements are required.

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How does condensation form on my Velux Window?

This is a completely natural phenomenon and not a defect in your Velux roof window. It occurs when the humidity in the building is too high relative to the outside. Condensation then forms on relatively cold surfaces, which is usually a window pane. The obvious answer is to ventilate the room by opening the window.

Condensation should not normally form between the panes unless the pane has deteriorated.

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What causes Velux Window drafts?

This can occur for a variety of reasons, but can be due to Worn out gaskets

The gaskets in a Velux roof window are developed to be air tight, but if your gaskets are around 10 years old or more, they may be be stiff and dry and no longer provide the necessary contact. As a result, cold air can penetrate the gasket cause a draught. Gaskets should be replaced so that the window can close completely between the frame and the sash.

Alternatively the draught could come from around the frame, this may be due to age. Assured Roofing can help advise whether the draught can be sorted out with simple maintenance techniques or whether greater work is required to resolve the problem.

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